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The Differing Minds Community

We celebrate the power of our Differing minds. To do this, we amplify neurodivergent voices so neurodivergent people and organisations can thrive. 

The Differing Minds community of neurodivergent people inform everything we do. 

Join Us

Our Differing Minds Community welcomes all neurodivergent people. By joining, you will have the opportunity to...

Influence real change in organisations

We intend to increase the number of neurodivergent people in employment, and ensure that they feel supported, able to perform at their best and thrive. Join us to be part of the change in the workplace.

Work with Differing Minds and our partners

There will be opportunities to work with Differing Minds and our partners. This includes consulting work, content creation and review, participation in panels & interviews, and roles with our partners.

Connect with other neurodivergent people

By joining our community you will have the opportunities to share stories, challenges, ideas and more with other neurodivergent people.

Join Us Now

As a Community member you are welcome to be as active or as passive as you would like. There is no pressure to participate in any conversations, feel free to join and listen. 

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