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Embracing Neurodiversity In Education

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At Differing Minds, we believe that embracing neurodiversity in Education is vital for the change needed in society. We work with schools to teach children and education staff about neurodiversity, in order to improve school lives, education and wellbeing of neurodivergent children. 


Staff Neurodiversity Training

Engaging, digestible and impactful training for all school staff covering Introduction, Sensory Processing, Learning Strategies and Core NeuroInclusion Strategies

Children's Neurodiversity Lesson

A 60 minute whole class lesson aimed at children aged 8-11 years that increases knowledge of neurodiversity, promotes celebration of neurodiversity and increases inclusive action at school.

This lesson comprises 5 short videos that teachers can play in the classroom, and facilitate a conversation between each about what the children have learned. 

It's free, requires no prior knowledge of neurodiversity and only needs 5 minutes of prep work. 

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