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Our services

Powered by the lived experience of the Differing Minds Community, our core services - the Differing Minds Hub, Consulting & Training, and the Differing Minds Network - provide everything an organisation needs to understand, embrace, accelerate and benefit from neurodiversity.

Consulting & Training

In-depth, bespoke recommendations, tailored solutions and training packages to accelerate your neurodiversity strategy. Our expertise ensures organisations attract neurodivergent talent and that neurodivergent employees are supported to perform at their best. And for customer facing organisations, we ensure neurodivergent customers are welcomed and accommodated for.


The Differing Minds Hub

Our Hub provides engaging, thought-provoking digital content so individuals and organisations can learn about neurodiversity, and what changes can be implemented in all organisations to support neurodivergent individuals.

The Hub

COMING SOON - The Differing Minds Network

Connecting organisations with our neurodivergent community.

  • Q&A - ask specific questions about anything neurodiversity related 

  • Speakers - find speakers from the neurodivergent community for events

  • Jobs board - post jobs on our jobs board for the best neurodivergent talent

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