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Make your classroom neuroinclusive.

Improve the school lives, wellbeing and education of neurodivergent children.

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Use the power of video to develop neuroinclusive attitudes, with our first-of-its-kind whole class neurodiversity lesson aimed at children aged 8-11.

  • Enthuse children about neurodiversity
  • Encourage neuroinclusion
  • Develop understanding and acceptance

Why Neuroinclusion?

1 in 5

Up to 20% of people are neurodivergent. These children need understanding and acceptance. 

Redefine the experience

Neurodivergent children can thrive at school in the right environment and with better understanding. 

Shape the future

By teaching children about neurodiversity we are making leaders and societies of the future neuroinclusive

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How it works

The lesson comprises four short videos and one BONUS video from influencer and activist Ellie Middleton. 

Between each video you can facilitate a conversation with your class. 

The videos can either be played as one complete lesson or split across a week in assemblies, for example.


We've removed all barriers


  • No need for prior knowledge of neurodiversity - learn alongside the children
  • It's FREE - although donations are welcome
  • Limited preparation required - only one short page to read in advance

What are you waiting for?

Join us! Make your classroom and your children neuroinclusive.

Watch these amazing videos with your class now and transform the school experience for neurodivergent children.

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Developed in collaboration with

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Can you donate?

These videos are provided free of charge to ensure as many schools as possible can use them. 

However if you are able to provide a small donation to enable us to continue our work, we would be very grateful.

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