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Embracing neurodiversity together 

At Differing Minds we empower organisations to embrace neurodiversity as a competitive advantage, so both the organisation and its neurodivergent employees can thrive.

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Training attendees more confident about neurodiversity

Global Differing Minds Community

The Differing Minds Community

At Differing Minds we believe that amplifying neurodivergent voices is critical. At the heart of our business is a community of neurodivergent people: the Differing Minds Community. It is their lived experience that powers our services.  

Our services

At Differing Minds we support organisations to recruit neurodivergent talent and ensure their neurodivergent employees thrive at work. We raise awareness of neurodiversity and equip organisations with the knowledge, tools and strategies to create, and embrace, the change needed to make this happen.


Accelerate your neurodiversity strategy with bespoke solutions tailored to your business 


Access digital resources with digestible, practical, engaging information to learn about neurodiversity


Connect directly with our Differing Minds community to find neurodivergent talent for your organisation

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Neurodivergent people think differently. 

They have unique perspectives, experiences and skillsets. They often excel at creativity and innovation, have highly specialised skillsets and an ability to hyperfocus.

Enable neurodivergent people to thrive. 

Small changes to work environments, recruitment processes, line management and more, enable neurodivergent people to be their authentic selves at work and perform at their best.

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