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We EMPOWER you to understand, celebrate and embrace difference

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We INSTILL CONFIDENCE so you can navigate neurodiversity

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We INSPIRE neurodivergent children and their peers

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The Differing Minds approach

Fun & Engaging

No boring training here!

Safe & Balanced

Psychological safety for all. 

Lived Experience

Storytelling that sticks. 

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Based on experience in business.

Steady & Sustainable

Creating change and a lasting impact for everyone. 

What our clients say

"Best thing I can remember doing - such a great topic and brilliantly facilitated."

Manager, Accenture

"It felt like a crash course of what I have being trying to get across to those around me."

Anon, NHS

"It is the best training or package I have ever recruited."

Anon, Charity Sector

"It was excellent. Pitched just right, with great impact. I've done a few neurodiversity-focused workshops in the past and I have to say I found this one the best"

Anon, Charity Sector

Excellent, nuanced & sensitive session.

Workshop attendee, Capgemini

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