Empower your neurodivergent employees to thrive

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Unlock Talent, Increase Retention & Improve Wellbeing

We provide all the tools you need to create a neuroinclusive culture, and enable thriving neurodivergent colleagues.

Unforgettable talks that inspire and drive change

Unlock the power of neurodiversity with a talk from our CEO, Jess.


  • Highly engaging

  • Exceptional storytelling

  • Packed full of inspiration

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Neurodiversity training that's fun, interactive and impactful

Available online or in person, our training workshops are packed full of practical tools and strategies to empower your colleagues.

Our Impact

To create neuroinclusive workplaces, you need to educate and empower your staff. Our dynamic and enlightening neurodiversity training workshops do this by delivering against three key objectives.

  1. Inspire action and learning - we motivate attendees to take action and continue learning about neurodiversity
  2. Change the narrative - we shift mindsets of all workshop participants and embed a neuro-affirmative attitude
  3. Practical tools and strategies - we provide clear, practical tools and strategies that can be implemented with ease
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Bespoke, individualised support for neurodivergent people and their managers

For a more individualised approach, we provide comprehensive Workplace Needs Assessments and Coaching sessions.

Workplace Needs Assessments

Carried out by a neurodivergent assessor, our assessments follow a simple three step process.

1. Pre assessment forms completed by individual (or alternatives available for those who need it)

2. 60 minute virtual assessment with one of our assessors

3. Comprehensive report written and shared with individual

The assessment and report are bespoke to the individual and enable neurodivergent employers to get the support they need at work.


Our exceptional coaches are available to support your neurodivergent employees and their managers.

Each coaching session is focused on the needs of the individual and goal-oriented. Possible topics include:

  • Self awareness
  • Goal setting
  • Executive functioning skills
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Sensory sensitivities
  • Self-advocacy

Strategies & recommendations tailored to your workplace

Reaching thousands of people and delivering global impact, our consultants have decades of experience creating change.

Our Consulting Services

A workshop that assesses the current state of neuroinclusion at your workplace and generates a key list of next steps and focus areas.

An assessment of your recruitment process against neuroinclusion principles that results in a comprehensive report of recommendations.

A review of your brand, website or other platforms, products or services, with a report full of neuroinclusive  recommendations.

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